Best practices for cleaning footwear

BoxFox focuses on new merchandise (products that had not been previously purchased by a customer). However, a portion of the shoes may have been run on a treadmill in store or tested around the parking lot. Below are some best practices for removing dirt from shoes.  


What you'll need

In our testing, we found a cleaning product called Simple Green to be faster and more effective at dirt removal than dish detergent, such as Dawn soap. Products such as the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can also be helpful for removing scuffs and scrapes. 


               Simple Green/water mix                    Scrub Brush

 Cleaning steps:

  1. Spray cleaning solution onto the sole of the shoe and the brush as well
  2. Scrub the shoe (use a toothbrush for crevices when needed)
  3. Lightly rinse with water
  4. Dry off with a towel 



The Results

Results of cleaning shoes with the Simple Green solution and a brush (before and after):




Inventory Resolution

BoxFox offers an inventory resolution system to compensate buyers for merchandise that differs from the condition expected. You can minimize buyer refund requests by cleaning shoes before they exit the store.

To suggest any best practices of your own for cleaning shoes, just email us at

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