Does selling on BoxFox comply with my vendor agreements?

BoxFox is intended for the sale of aged products that are no longer bound by the vendor's MAP pricing policies. We are an outlet for old, off-MAP inventory that you've already attempted to sell in store and clearance through your normal means. Before selling on BoxFox, we recommend you first take the following steps:

  1. Mark the items down in store and offer them to your customers at a reduced price
  2. Bundle underperforming inventory with complimentary products to help increase demand 
  3. Speak with your vendor and see if they will take any of the aged items back

After markdowns, bundling and vendor returns, your options for moving the inventory are likely more limited. BoxFox enables you to sell these underperforming items in bulk and quickly get cash. This increases your available cashflow to keep purchasing the newest models and styles from your vendors.

If you have any restrictions or considerations about where your products are to be resold, please let us know. We can work with you to make sure those conditions are met.

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