How is the suggest bid price calculated?

BoxFox searches the product databases of multiple online marketplaces to estimate each item's fair market value. Our system analyzes the current sale price for each item by looking at sales data from sites like eBay, Walmart, and several others.

We then aggregate pricing data from these sites to estimate a fair market value for the lot. Our system discounts this value appropriately to what buyers on BoxFox would likely be willing to pay for the inventory. Other factors that affect the appraisal value are online sales velocity for the item and previous sale price on BoxFox (if applicable). You're free to bid above or below this estimated inventory value. 

Note: Sellers on BoxFox set an asking price for each lot. This value is separate from the BoxFox appraisal value. Any bids that meet or exceed the seller's asking price will automatically be accepted by the seller at the end of the auction. 

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