Linking your bank account to a BoxFox order

Congrats on selling your lot on BoxFox! Now there's just one more step before the buyer can pay for the order. Please follow the 2 steps below. If you've already added a bank account to your BoxFox profile, skip down to Step 2. 

Step 1:

Click here to access your BoxFox bank accounts page. Once you're there, click the 'new bank' button and follow the prompts on the next page. Please note: As a seller, you are not required to verify your bank account with the 2 microdeposits (this is optional). 



Step 2:

Click here to view your 'seller dashboard.' Click the green 'checkout' button next to the order and follow the prompts on the next page to link your bank account and address to the order. Please note: The buyer will be unable to pay for the order until you complete this step.


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