Optimize your lots to maximize your recovery on BoxFox

The off-price buyers on BoxFox are looking to purchase a wide variety of product categories; however, there are a few best practices when it comes to splitting up your inventory for sale on BoxFox. 

A "lot" is simply a grouping of products that you offer for sale on BoxFox. There is no minimum or maximum number of units you can put in a lot. Dividing your lots accordingly will help you recover as much money as possible:

  1. Separate your lots by product category
    • Let's say you're looking to sell apparel and footwear. Our buyers often specialize in certain product categories so we suggest creating separate footwear and apparel lots. 
  2. Consider breaking up lots by brand
    • If you have a few brands within one product category and a larger quantity of each brand (i.e. 50+ units), we recommend creating separate lots for each brand. 

Note: If you have multiple different colors of the same item, we recommend combining those colors into one lot. A full run of sizes and colors will likely attract more interest from the buyers on BoxFox.

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